Fleet Leasing

We offer open ended leasing for a variety of new and used assets that are integral to your core business. At First West Leasing, we meet our business customers’ needs for all types of specialty vehicle leasing in many industries.

Key Benefits & Features

Leasing allows you to tailor your payment and vehicle usage to the specific needs of your business. That way, we can help you achieve your strategic business priorities.

Let our experts help you find the right vehicle solution for your business. We can order the vehicles for you or work with the manufacturer on multi unit orders. You can also choose a lease-to-own type solution.

  • Diversity
    Our portfolio includes many different industries and types of vehicles. We can also customize your vehicles with added features — just let us know what you need. You'll want to set your lease term considering each asset according to what makes sense for the use of that asset.

  • Convenience
    With a lease line from First West Leasing, you can eliminate both the uncertainty and the delays. For a business that needs to make ongoing vehicle equipment purchases, we provide the lease line before you buy—so you know how much credit you have access to in advance.

  • Flexibility
    Leasing is a great way to manage the cash flow of your business by not incurring the capital expenditure and aligning the lease cost with your usage of that asset. Look at new vehicles or used ones, and talk to us about a sale and leaseback options if you need a cash infusion.