Equipment Leasing

We offer open ended leasing for a variety of assets that are integral to your core business. At First West Leasing, we meet our business customers’ needs for equipment leasing in many industries.

Key Benefits & Features

Leasing allows you to conserve working capital, improve cash flow, meet seasonal requirements and acquire the equipment you need in a timely fashion, so that your business is profitable. Use your cash wisely and buy what appreciates in value and lease what doesn’t.

A lease can be tailored to your needs and business requirements. Flexible options such as skip payments and various terms or residuals can be set up, so that the lease works best for you.

  • Diversity
    Our equipment portfolio includes many different industries such as forestry, mining, construction, and transportation, plus the various pieces of equipment within those industries.

  • Convenience
    Buying the right equipment at the right time—and at the right price—is critical to driving your business forward. But if you cannot secure the financing you need fast enough due to lender restrictions, complex agreements or other issues, your equipment purchase could get delayed.

    With a lease line from First West Leasing, you can eliminate both the uncertainty and the delays. For a business that needs to make ongoing equipment purchases, we provide the lease line before you buy—so you know how much credit you have access to in advance.

  • Flexibility
    Whether you need a new piece of equipment, a used piece of equipment, or a sale and leaseback to infuse your business with some additional capital—we've got the flexibility and expertise to meet your business needs.